Wasps In Placerville: A Comprehensive Guide To Wasp Removal And Prevention

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Wasps In Placerville: A Comprehensive Guide To Wasp Removal And Prevention

No homeowner wants to discover a wasp nest near their home, but during the warmer months of the year, wasps can become incredibly common. The best thing you can do is learn how to identify wasps on your property and find ways to keep them from infesting your yard. 

Your trusted Placerville pest control team wants to help you keep your yard free from wasps year-round. Let’s take a look at what you need to know to keep wasps from becoming a major nuisance.

Characteristics Of Common Wasps

Once you know what to look for, identifying the most common types of wasps is simple, and most have many similar traits that help you distinguish them from other less harmful insects. 

  • Distinct body shapes: Wasps have clearly defined heads, thoraxes, and abdomens, which are long and narrow. 

  • Long wings: Wasps tend to have long, narrow wings that rest along the length of their bodies when they’re not in use.

  • Unique nests: Wasps build nests in trees, overhangs, utility poles, inside houses, and in shrubs. Most nests are gray and have a paper-like texture. 

Keep in mind that there will be some variation between different wasp species, but if you notice any of these characteristics in the insects in your yard, you’ll want to schedule a wasp control appointment as soon as you can.

The Potential Dangers Of A Wasp Infestation

Wasps can be very dangerous, especially if the infestation is extensive and you have multiple nests on your property because wasps sting when they feel threatened. What they perceive as threats can be something as simple as someone walking too close to their nest. 

Wasp stings are painful and result in redness and swelling for most people, and as the wound heals, the area can become itchy. However, if you’re allergic to wasp stings, even one sting can require emergency medical attention. Furthermore, wasps can sting more than once, making them especially dangerous for those with allergies.

Five Naturally Effective Wasp Prevention Tips

Though scheduling a professional wasp removal appointment is still the best way to get rid of wasps in Placerville, there are a few things you can do to prevent full infestations from happening between appointments. 

Here are a few proven tips you’ll want to follow:

  1. Keep garbage cans closed with tight-fitting lids at all times. Wasps feed on many of the same types of food humans enjoy, so keeping your garbage can closed will reduce the amount of food available.

  2. Clean your grill and outdoor cooking equipment thoroughly between uses. Wasps are carnivores and may be attracted to meat residue on your grill.

  3. Stay on top of routine pest control appointments. Wasps also feed on other insects, and the more you have in your yard, the more likely they will build nests nearby.

  4. Repair any cracks or holes you see in your siding. Wasps can fit in very tight spaces and will happily build a nest inside your home if they can get in.

  5. Use wasp traps. If you only have a few wasps in your yard, you can often trap them inside a dedicated wasp trap to keep your loved ones safe.

These wasp prevention tips are a perfect way to supplement professional treatments and further reduce your risk of a full-blown infestation.

Call Us For Effective Stinging Insect Control

If you’re worried about wasps in your yard, the best thing you can do is schedule an appointment with Hangtown Pest Control. Our experienced home pest control team knows how to control wasps and can remove active nests so you and your loved ones can stay safe. Contact us today and let our team deal with wasps so you don’t have to.