How To Have A Pest-Free Picnic This Summer In Placerville

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How To Have A Pest-Free Picnic This Summer In Placerville

When it comes to spending summer outdoors, you undoubtedly want to have the most peaceful and relaxing experience possible. However, an invasion of Placerville’s common summertime pests can significantly impact your outdoor enjoyment. Whether it be mosquitoes, stinging insects, or ants, our article aims to help you understand proper summer pest control tactics. Read on to learn how adequate pest prevention and assistance from Placerville pest control can help you claim back your outdoor enjoyment.

What Kind Of Pests Should I Worry About?

Though there are many pests in Placerville that can invade your property, during the summer, you are more likely to see specific types of pests such as:

  • Stinging Insects (like wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets)
  • Ants
  • Mosquitoes
  • Ticks
  • Flies
  • Rodents

The increase in activity for many summer pests is due to the warm weather and extra daylight; most pests are cold-blooded and need the warmth of summer to keep them active. There is also more time in the day for insects to feed, breed, and generally live their lives, which can be a significant problem for Placerville residents who want to enjoy the nice weather outdoors without being threatened by pests.

Pest control services performed by Hangtown Pest Control can help you keep disruptions by busy summertime pests to a minimum. Contact us today to receive help from a pest control advisor and dependable pest control tactics.

Mosquito Control Done The Right Way 

No one wants their evening outside ruined by pesky mosquitoes flying around and delivering itchy bites. Plus, this pest can easily transmit illnesses to humans – the more mosquitoes present on your property, the higher chance that you receive a bite from an infected one. Local pest control is a vital step in controlling populations of this pest, but you can also utilize the following mosquito prevention tactics:

  • Remove any area of standing water on your property, as even one inch of water can be enough for mosquitoes to breed.
  • Treat water features such as birdbaths and ponds for mosquitoes to help kill mosquito eggs and stop mosquito breeding grounds.
  • Keep your yard clear of debris, trim back overgrown foliage to reduce moist, shady areas, and keep the grass cut low to remove mosquito hiding spots.
  • Plant citronella, lavender, and marigolds around your yard as the plants' scents can help deter mosquitoes from moving onto your property.

While these prevention steps can effectively stop future infestations and decrease active mosquitos on your property, if you are struggling with an active mosquito presence, you should contact Hangtown Pest Control for assistance in removing and controlling heavy mosquito populations.

Ants Can Be A Pesky Problem

Ants invading your property can be a troublesome problem, especially as this pest ruins outdoor picnics and moves inside to contaminate food storage areas. If you want to avoid ants invading your property and destroying your summer fun, you should ensure that all trash and food waste are placed into tightly sealed bags and disposed of promptly. Additionally, refrain from leaving out food and dirty dishes, clean up food and drink spills indoors or outdoors as soon as possible, and use trash cans with lids.

These steps can help to reduce the desirability of your property among ants and may deter infestations. However, if you are dealing with an active ant invasion, you should contact Hangtown Pest Control at the first sign of this pest for effective ant control and removal.

Keep The Stinging Insects At Bay In Placerville 

Stinging insects such as wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets can be miserable to encounter thanks to their aggressive nature and ability to deliver repeated painful stings. Unfortunately, this dangerous pest is out in full force during the summertime, which means that you need quality pest control to help remove nests and eradicate this pest from your property. 

Signs that you have a stinging insect problem in Placerville include:

  • Seeing an increase of wasps, yellow jackets, or hornets around your property
  • Noticing nests that appear papery, pipe-shaped, or with a vague honeycomb appearance
  • Seeing chewed or damaged wood caused by the stinging insects chewing and setting up their nests

Removing stinging insects by yourself can be dangerous. Trust Hangtown Pest Control to eliminate this pest and help you claim back the outdoors.