The Ticks In Placerville Could Spell Trouble For Residents

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The Ticks In Placerville Could Spell Trouble For Residents

The ticks in Placerville can bring serious trouble with them, especially if you have a large population of ticks around your property. Professional Placerville pest control is your best tick control option to get rid of ticks and the risks they bring with them.

Can Ticks Spread Disease?

Ticks may be tiny pests, but they can introduce big problems thanks to their ability to spread several severe diseases through their bite. These illnesses include things like:

  • Lyme disease

  • Anaplasmosis

  • Babesiosis

  • Ehrlichiosis

  • Powassan virus

  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Not all ticks carry every disease, but your chances of contracting an illness go up every time you receive a tick bite or if you have large populations of ticks around your property. In Placerville, the ticks you are most likely to encounter are the Western black-legged tick, Pacific Coast tick, and the American dog tick.

If you need help with tick identification or understand more about the dangers that ticks can present, reach out to our experts at Hangtown Pest Control for more information and advice.

Can My Pets Get Diseases From Ticks?

Ticks are significant spreaders of several serious illnesses; these diseases can affect your pets. It is vital to use proper tick protection treatments on your furry friends, especially if they spend lots of time outdoors. You can consult with your veterinarian to select the best choice.

If your pet accidentally receives a tick bite, symptoms to look out for after properly removing the tick include vomiting, fever, swelling around joints, lameness, diarrhea, and lethargy. You should take your pet to be seen by a professional immediately if these symptoms appear.

How Can I Properly Remove A Tick?

Learning how to remove a tick the right way is essential to minimizing the risks of a tick bite; improper removal can increase your chance of infection and disease transmission between the tick and you. Follow our advice below for the best tick removal practices:

  • As soon as you notice a tick on your body, clean a pair of fine-tipped tweezers. 

  • Take the tweezers and grip the tick as close to your skin.

  • Pull up in a swift, firm motion using even pressure. Don’t twist or jerk the tick, as this can cause the tick's mouthparts to break off your skin and result in a higher chance of infection.

  • Clean the bitten area thoroughly with soap and water, clean the tweezers, and wash your hands.

  • Dispose of the tick body by flushing it down the toilet or sealing it in a plastic bag and disposing of it.

After removing the tick completely, you should watch the bitten area. Seek medical attention immediately if it appears infected, swells, and turns red, or you start to experience flu-like symptoms.

How Can I Remove A Tick Infestation Permanently?

A tick infestation in your home or around your property is no fun, but it can be controlled and removed. With the help of our pest control experts at Hangtown Pest Control, tick populations can be targeted and effectively eliminated. Plus, our prevention tactics and advice keep this pest at bay year-round, allowing you to enjoy your time outside without fear of you, your loved ones, or your pets picking up a tick and experiencing negative health consequences.

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