Pest Spotlight: How To Expertly Handle The Fire Ants In Placerville

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Pest Spotlight: How To Expertly Handle The Fire Ants In Placerville

Would you ever walk over a bed of hot coals barefoot? Probably not. Although other people are able to do this without feeling pain, it is unwise to attempt this feat without proper training! Something you cannot train for is how to walk over a fire ant hill in your yard without getting bitten and stung. These pests are vicious and quick to attack anyone who wanders too close to their homes. Today we are going to break down why fire ants invade properties and how to combat these pests around your Placerville home. However, you can call Hangtown Pest Control if you need quick help removing these harmful insects from your property. We will offer you an option for pest control in Placerville to deal with fire ants fast.

How Can I Tell If The Ants In My House Are Fire Ants?

There are lots of ants that might invade your home. Although not as common as other species, fire ants will come indoors from time to time. Identify these insects by their ? to ?” long, reddish-brown bodies, and their darker-colored abdomens. Identify a fire ant mound in your yard by its lack of a central hole and the many small entrance holes around its base. Unlike most other species of ants in our area, fire ants have multiple queens. This allows nests to grow larger and makes these pests much more difficult to prevent. If you are having trouble identifying these local insects on your property, our team would be happy to pay you a visit.

Does Having Fire Ants In My Home Mean It's Dirty?

Fire ants will only invade homes for one reason and that is to avoid negative conditions outdoors. They most commonly come indoors during times of cold weather, storms, or flooding. They do not invade to search for food or moisture sources. For this reason, it does not matter how clean or tidy your interior spaces are in regard to these pests invading. If these pests need a place to hide, they will come indoors. The only way to keep them out is to implement some preventative measures such as sealing gaps and cracks in your home’s foundation, repairing damage to weatherstripping, and installing door sweeps under exterior doors.

What Is Attracting Fire Ants To My Property?

It is important that you understand what attracts fire ants. To make things simple, here are a few factors that might encourage these pests to make a nest on your property.

  • Oily or greasy foods on the ground
  • Sunny areas and warm dirt
  • Lots of ground insects to hunt
  • Seeds
  • Potato plants
  • Cat or dog food

If these attractants are present on your property, fire ants may want to build a nest nearby. These nests will grow and become more and more problematic over time. The best way to deal with an infestation quickly is to bring in our team at Hangtown Pest Control.

What Should I Do To Remove The Fire Ants Around My House?

Do fire ants bite and sting? Yep! Will these pests go out of their way to defend their nests? You betcha! Do you have to live with an infestation on your property? Absolutely not! If you need help removing these harmful insects from your yard, get our team at Hangtown Pest Control involved. We will pay you a visit, assess the condition of your pest problems, and recommend a course of action to remove Placerville fire ants.

Call us now if you have questions about our home pest control services and learn what a fire ant treatment in Placerville looks like.