Treating A Bed Bug Infestation Inside Your Placerville Home

bed bug crawling on bedding

Treating A Bed Bug Infestation Inside Your Placerville Home

No one expects to go to bed at night and wake up with bite marks on their body. What makes things worse is when you start to expect the bites. This is where insomnia kicks in. If you haven’t heard, there is one local pest that almost exclusively bites people while they are asleep. They are called bed bugs.

Here is everything you should know about these sleep-wrecking pests and how to treat an infestation inside your Placerville home. For faster services to address a bed bug infestation in your home, contact Hangtown Pest Control. Our team of trained technicians will inspect your living areas, inform you if there is a problem, and offer a simple option to get these pests out fast. We will also talk to you over the phone about our top-end Placerville pest control options before you schedule your home for a visit.

How Can I Tell If I Have Bed Bugs?

If you wake up with bite marks on your skin, you might have a bed bug infestation. This is not, however, a definite sign. As creepy as it is to think about, there are many bugs that bite people while they are asleep. Before we talk about some other signs of bed bugs, we believe it is important that you know what bed bug bites look like in your home.

These pests take small draws of blood and back up between each bite. This leaves red marks in a straight line or zig-zag pattern on the skin. Something to keep in mind is that not everyone has a physical reaction to bites which is why it is essential you know these other common signs.

  • Blood stains on bed covers

  • Fecal droppings around your bed and near cracks and crevices around your home

  • A musty odor in the air

  • Live, reddish-brown, oval-shaped, ¼” long bed bugs

  • Eggs and shed skin in and around hard-to-reach areas around your home.

If you see signs of bed bugs and are curious about your next step, reach out to our team. We offer great bed bug identification and elimination services and would be happy to assist you.

How Did Bed Bugs Come Into My Home?

Bed bugs travel in a weird way. Because they do not crawl fast or fly, they have to utilize people to get around. This usually involves crawling into a bag, bundle of dirty clothing, or piece of used furniture. Once onboard an item, bed bugs wait for a person to carry that item home with them. You might find these pests in any place where people congregate, like at the mall, in a hotel, or under a seat at the movies. If you have an infestation inside your home right now, it means these pests found someone to carry them indoors. 

Can Bed Bugs Spread?

Bed bugs spread all the time. They take residence in local homes and use residents to travel from place to place. If you invite a family member or friend over for a cookout and they have bed bugs in their home, they might bring some of these pests over along with the hotdog buns and chips. Sometimes these pests make their way into schools and workplaces and start heading home with children and employees. There is even the chance you will pick these bugs up with second-hand furniture and clothing.

In order to avoid bed bugs, you have to check for them constantly. It helps to avoid suspect hotel rooms and check used items for these pests before buying and bringing them home. If you cannot steer clear of these pests and you do find them inside your home, don’t worry. We can help.

Professional Bed Bug Service To Treat Infestations In Placerville

Finding a bed bug infestation inside your home is a real cause for concern. These pests will bite you while you are asleep and might cause other problems like anemia and insomnia. The good news is that you are not alone. Consider checking out Hangtown Pest Control’s affordable and effective options if you are looking for local pest control for bed bugs.

We are experts in all things pest related and would be more than happy to pay you a visit to assess the extent of your bed bug problems. If we don’t find any of these bugs, that’s great, but if we do, then we will offer options to get them out fast.

Contact us today to discover more about our bed bug treatments and schedule your Placerville home for a thorough inspection.