Getting Rid of Bed Bugs In Your Placerville Home For Good!

bed bug on a piece of cloth

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs In Your Placerville Home For Good!

Bed bugs may be small, but don't underestimate their might. As anyone in Placerville pest control can tell you, these pests are incredibly resilient, making it nearly impossible for homeowners to fight alone effectively. You need a professional on your side if you want to end an infestation.

Hangtown Pest Control has been ending all sorts of infestations for decades, and in that time, we've helped countless homeowners turn the tide against bed bugs. Now we want to help you. Keep reading to learn about how these unique parasites can impact you, and don't hesitate to call Hangtown Pest Control for local pest control for bed bugs!

Signs Of Bed Bugs In Your Home

Bed bugs are tiny, measuring four to five milliliters in length. They're also most active at night and hide in dark places during the day, making them difficult to spot. Still, you can confirm the presence of bed bugs without actually seeing them by checking for these signs:

  • Bed bug bites on your arms and legs: The bites themselves are small and itchy. However, it can take several days for the itchiness to develop. 

  • Small red stains on your bed and bedding: These spots result from bed bugs expelling excess blood after feeding. They're most likely found in the areas where they feed, hence why you'll find them in your bedding. 

  • A sweet smell: Bed bugs communicate by releasing a distinct odor. It's unpleasant but not directly harmful to your health. 

Once you've spotted any of these signs, you must get bed bug pest control services for your home as soon as possible. Hangtown Pest Control is bed bug certified, so you can rest assured that we have the best products and techniques to rid your home of bed bugs.

The Problems A Bed Bug Infestation Can Create In Your House

The mere mention of bed bugs conjures all sorts of disturbing images in homeowners' minds, but are they dangerous to the home itself? Fortunately, the answer is no. Bed bugs in Placerville will not destroy any part of your home.

However, that doesn't mean they aren't harmful. As their numbers grow, so too does the irritation their feeding causes. In addition, while they aren't known to transmit diseases, the skin irritation caused by bed bug bites can be painful and can become infected with constant scratching.

Ultimately, protecting yourself means protecting your home. Eco-friendly bed bug treatment from Hangtown Pest Control will exterminate bed bugs anywhere in your home, leaving you and your family itch-free. Call us today to get a free estimate!

Why Do-It-Yourself Bed Bug Control Methods Usually Fail

Bed bugs have existed for a long time, since at least the age of dinosaurs! You don't live that long without developing natural resilience against incredibly harsh conditions. Bed bugs are very adaptive. They've even developed a resistance to some pesticides.

Relying on DIY natural pest control for bed bugs will end in frustration. Only proven methods in the hands of professionals can end infestations. Our technicians at Hangtown Pest Control use products with a good track record of eradicating bed bugs, so there's no crossing your fingers and hoping they'll work. 

Call The Professionals At The First Sign Of Bed Bugs

When left unchallenged, bed bug populations will explode, continuing to grow and becoming much harder to eliminate. That's why you need professionals to eradicate bed bugs from your home, and there's no one better at bed bug control in Placerville than Hangtown Pest Control. When you hire us, we'll work together to resolve your bed bug problem, remove it, and treat the root causes. Call us today for a free estimate or inspection. We'll help you say goodbye to bed bugs.